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Help GLM Staff Get to Where They Need to Go

Help Buy New Motorcycles

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Reliable, rapid, and efficient transportation can change the game for GLM!

  • Since groups meetings are impossible due to the lockdown, visiting families is more important than ever. Motorcycles make it easier for our staff to get around.
  • Motorcycles are essential for COVID relief deliveries.

Reliable transportation is hard to find in India. Public transportation is slow, inefficient, and unreliable. This limits the number of places that Good Life staff can go, as well as how quickly they can get from place to place. Motorcycles are the solution.

These motorcycles are literally a lifeline, because they not only help our staff to visit and encourage our church families-they help to get the urgently needed food and other supplies out quickly and efficiently. Many more people can be helped.

Your gift will provide these essential needs and other life-transforming help for children and families in India.

Mobility is necessary to make sure that Good Life staff can quickly go where they’re needed the most. Motorcycles can make the difference between someone getting the help they need… or going hungry and losing hope.

Amount per motorcycle: $1,400

In case the funds exceed the projects described here, we will use the money where needed most.